Microsoft Word: How to fix crashing issue? – Part 2

Crashing issues in Microsoft Word is very annoying problem. You may face these issues when you open Word, try to write, or save the Word document.

First thing to do Whenever Word crashes
Whenever Word crashes, first make sure that there is no installed instances of Word are yet functioning. If there are any running processes, then open Windows Task Manager and end those processes.

I have already discussed most common reasons of Word document crashing and here, I will discuss some other causes of Word document crashing issues and their resolutions.

  • Printer Problems
  • Antivirus Conflicts
  • If Word crashes as soon as it opens
  • If Word opens very slowly

Printer Problems

There is possibility that you are using a network printer and drivers are not installed in your system, but it is set up as default printer. Whenever a Word file is open, it needs to query your default printer. If default printer is network printer, then it will not cause a problem because the printer driver will usually be installed in your system. In a case, if you use a Microsoft network as work, you can use a printer driver that is located on a server, and there is not necessary that it must be installed in your system.

But, if you are not connected to your network and the driver is installed on the server. Word cannot query the driver and it just crashes rather than presenting a meaningful error message.

You can set up path whether network printer driver installed locally or on the server by following this:

Start > Settings > Printers and right-click on printer's icon.

Now, you will get printer's Properties dialog box. The title bar of printer's Properties dialog box will show “[Printername] on [Servername] Properties”, when driver is installed on the server. Whereas, if the network printer driver is installed on the local system, and so, it will show“[Printername] Properties.

When default printer is network printer and printer driver is installed on the server- In this case you need to reinstall your network printer's driver on your hard disk.

To do this, while connected to the network and run the“Add Printer”wizard under Start + Settings + Printers. Now install the new driver and when installation is finished, delete the old icon. I hope the problem should now be resolved.

In a case, if you do not have access to your network, then effective for a time only make a local printer the default (right-click and select “Set as Default”). Or it is also possible that there is no driver installed for a local printer also. In that case, work through the “Add Printer Wizard” (Start + Settings + Printers) and you need to add a local printer driver as the default. I would also like to mention that a physical printer does not need to be present in order to do this.

Sometimes it happens that IT department does not give access to all users that they can install any new drivers to their PC. In this situation, the only fix is to make sure that your default printer is a local printer.

Antivirus Conflicts

I would like to point out that sometimes antivirus plug-ins or other installed plug-ins may also conflict with Microsoft Office.

To resolve this issue, the best idea is disable the plug-in and check issue with Word file.

If Word crashes as soon as it opens

If Word document crashes as soon as it opens, then most likely the cause of issue is template corruption. To verify that it is arising because of corrupt templates or not, you need to start Word without template and add-ins loaded.

“To open Word without a template, go to Run and type winword.exe /a.”

Please keep in mind the space before forward slash. If you forget to keep space there, then you will get an error message like: “Cannot find the 'winword.exe/a' or one of its component”.

If that fixes the issue, then either corrupt Normal template or corrupt Word's startup path are possible reason for this issue.

To resolve this problem, first close Word and Outlook, then try to rename your Normal Template.
For example: Try renaming to Normal.old and make sure you have only one file.

If that does not fix it, then either move any file that are in Word's startup path to another folder. Or try to rename any file in Word's startup path from [filename].dot to [filename].old.

If Word opens very slowly

If Word documents open very slowly, then it may be due to template or registry corruption.

To fix it, follow the methods discussed in “If Word crashes as soon as it opens”.

There is another possible reason for Word open slowly is; you are using a Network printer driver. In that case, if the printer driver is located on the remote print server, then it is possible that Word would take time to open. The main reason is that whenever you open Word, it would try to gather printer driver information to use for document formatting and printing operations. And, it can take Word longer to make connection to the print server and gather information.


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