How to Fix QuickBooks Error -6177, 0

QuickBooks software is one of the most popular accounting software in the World. But, when it does not work properly and showing any error, it's seems like so difficult to deal with it. The reason behind errors in QuickBooks software are networking issues, corrupted data files, running an old edition of the software, improper installation of the software, firewall issues, or anymore. From my point of view, every QuickBooks user should always have a daily backup of a QuickBooks data file. So that, if your file becomes corrupted or showing any error while trying to open it, then you could restore it from the previous day's backup.

When you open QuickBooks company file, you will see this error message:
“QuickBooks is attempting to open this Company file. Before you can open the company file from your computer you must first open the company file on the computer where the company file is located. (-6177, 0)”

Reason behind this error: This error points out that QuickBooks could not use the path to open the company file.

How to resolve it: Here, I will recommend you four methods to resolve this issue. There is possibility that first method may resolve your issue, or you need to try all four recommended methods. I would suggest you to try the first method foregoing to the next one.

Method 1: Move the file to the local hard drive:

a. First move the file from server to local C drive.
b. Open the file in QuickBooks from the C drive.
c. Now you have to create portable file: Follow these steps to create portable company file.
  • Open QuickBooks and select Create Copy.
  • Now select Portable company file from the File menu and click Next.
  • Click the Save in drop-down arrow and select C drive to save it.
  • Click Save and OK twice. The file will be saved with the *.QBM extension.
d. Now close the company file.
e. Now you have to restore the portable file: Follow these steps to restore the portable file
  • Open QuickBooks > File menu > Select Open or Restore Company file.
  • Now select Restore a portable file (.QBM) option and then click the Next button to continue.
  • In the Open Portable Company File window, select your portable company file saved to the C drive and click Open button.
  • Now QuickBooks will prompt you a window of Where do you want to restore the file. For your company data safety you should not overwrite your existing company file and give it another name. You may rename the file in the next window. For example, you may want to add a particular date or version number such as mycompanyname-may2014.qbw.
  • Now click on Next.
  • Click the Save in drop-down arrow and choose location server to save it.
  • Change the file name as necessary.
  • Click on Save button to complete the restoring of QuickBooks portable file.
  • In most of the cases, these steps easily resolve this error. If these steps did not fix your problem, then please continue to method 2.

Method 2: Resolve Error -6177, 0 Manually: Follow these steps to fix this issue manually.

a. Go to the computer that store QuickBooks company data file and close QuickBooks.
b. Delete the Network Description(.ND) file. QuickBooks create this file automatically.
  • First open the folder that contain QuickBooks company file.
  • Now locate the file with .ND extension. It will look something like CompanyName.QBW.ND.
  • Do right click on .ND file and click delete.
c. Configure the QuickBooks database server manager: Follow these steps to configure it.
  • In windows operating system, click on Start button and choose Programs > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Click the Scan Folders tab.
  • Now click the Add folder button.
  • Locate the folder that contain QuickBooks company file and click OK. If you do not know where files are stored, then select entire disk.
  • Now click the Scan button. The display will indicate which folders are being scanned.
  • When the scanning process is complete, click Close.
d. Check the company files access permissions: Make sure the QBDataServiceUserXX has full access to the folder where the company file is stored.
e. Now open the file on the computer where the error message was displayed.

Method 3: Be Sure your version of QuickBooks is updated to the latest release:

a. Go to the Update to the Latest Release web page and select your product.
b. Now follow the instructions of Automatic Updates or Manual Updates to update the product.

Method 4: Run Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks:

If the above methods do not resolve the issue, then try Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks software. It is an advanced utility that can easily resolve these types of errors in QuickBooks file. First download the demo version of the software and try to repair your file. If it displays the data of Quickbooks file in its preview, then it means your file has been repaired and to save the recovered data you need to activate the full version of the software.


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